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DANCE: On the Cusp | Imagine Platform (14 Dec)

Presented by Imagine Platform
Supported by Darlinghurst Theatre Company

Friday 14th December at 7:30pm
Standard $37 | Artist/Concession/Group 8+ $20


Featuring over 30 dancers, "On the Cusp" crosses the boundaries of dance styles, cultures, art forms and generations.

The self expression of the artist, based on a creative urge, has many different aspects. The
actual work resulting from this creative urge is a human document of the character of the artist
and their reaction towards the problems of his/her time.

Nevertheless, as the artist Desiderius Orban said, the creative artist does not live in an ivory tower, on the contrary, they are very sensitive, reacting to every happening around them like a
seismograph. This forces us to realise that the personality of the artist is moulded partly by his
character, partly by the time he lives in; his reaction towards the social, economic and
political problems will become evident in his work, but – and this is the crucial point – not
necessarily through his or her subject matter.

Today this struggle still exists with our inner and outer worlds as does the struggle with how to
bring these together to go forward as creators and live.

With On the Cusp, we are choosing to have artist’s support each other, providing the freedom in which creativity can flourish and in doing so also find new public interest in the work through the diversity and creativity in the performance.

Featuring: Susan Regina Abau, Jay Bailey, Yasmin G Brock, Bonnie Curtis Projects, Lisa Frisna, Elise Hodgson, Saki Itoh, Karen Kerkhoven, Seet Dance, Twisted Element, Adam Warburton.

Along with Jensen Blum, Ina Borch, Coti Cibils, Isabella Coluccio, Amelia Edwards, Kate
Garrett, Fra Gozdek, Angela Hamilton, Niomi Hibbard, Sasha Holmes, Aleah Kadir, Claudia Kisch, Wing Y Leung, Lexy Panetta, Kara Peake, Peggy Richards, Jaiya Russell, Peter Takapuna, Charlotte Twitchell, Amy Unsworth, Eva Valder, Margaux de Voy, Kimberly Warburton & Steph Wyburn.

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