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As well as producing our 2019 season, Darlinghurst Theatre Company is looking to collaborate with professional producers to stage Special Events and Performances at our theatre. 

We’re interested in hearing about all types of live performances with our preference being new Australian/International work as well as innovative music theatre, cabaret and culturally diverse performances.

Incoming professional producers will be responsible for production costs including artists’ wages. Darlinghurst Theatre Company will support producers with a variety of marketing, ticketing and venue options, dependent on the project.

The Eternity Playhouse has been a MEAA/Union regulated venue since 2015 and Performers and Stage Managers must be paid the award rate whilst working at our theatre.

A key reason for our company developing the Eternity Playhouse with the City of Sydney was to improve pay conditions for Sydney artists and our policy is to pay performers MEAA award wages. We are passionate about ensuring professional artists continue to be paid a living wage. 

Recent collaborations have included:

The Shalom Institute, You Will Not Play Wagner Play
Canon Australia, War journalist Stephen Dupont - Solo Performance
Imagination, Pip Utton – Touring Performance
Japan Foundation, The Unknown Dancer in the Neighborhood - Text and Movement

If you have a professional performance project please email Glenn Terry, Artistic Director & CEO, at glenn@darlinghursttheatre.com to discuss a potential collaboration in 2019.


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