A Note from Silent Night Playwright Mary Rachel Brown

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A Note from Silent Night Playwright - Mary Rachel Brown

It would be wrong of me to sugar coat what you are about to see. You are about to enter the bowels of Christmas. ‘Silent Night’ is a love letter to Christmas haters.

The play is an absurdist take on a world where our cultural norms are so habitual and systemised we no longer question their relevance or their origins. It explores the monetisation of Christmas and the dangers of unexamined religious beliefs.

My ambition was to write a play that flips the focus on cultural extremism to the traditions of the Western World. Christmas time is a sitting duck for this, the perfect season to examine over  consumerism, over eating, over drinking, fake family bonding and add water spirituality. The play points the finger at reductionist views of good and evil, and our often-juvenile relationship to notions of right and wrong. Well, that was the intention, thank you for joining us to see if we pull it off.

In many respects comedy is the boxing ring of theatre because it demands boldness and truth in equal measure, a tricky balance to strike. I applaud Darlinghurst Theatre Company for having the courage to give it a shot and for backing new Australian work.

This is the third time I have worked with Glynn Nicholas; he has terrible manners when it comes to rehearsal room biscuits and can get very aggressive if you try and talk to him about  it. Biscuits aside, he is a gem. I am eternally  grateful for his funny bones and his tireless rigor  in the rehearsal room.  The cast of this play refer to me as the zookeeper;

I am flattered by this. I feel blessed to have my work realised by such an eccentric and talented bunch.

Thank you for supporting this new Australian work. I wish every one of you a Merry f**king Christmas xxx

Posted 17 Nov 2017

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