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Searching for Nick Enright

Glenn Terry
Executive Producer | Darlinghurst Theatre Company

I met Nick Enright briefly at our old theatre. He had set up office in our theatre foyer during production week and he was helping and mentoring a group of young artists with their show. I was humbled to have Nick Enright in our theatre. I regret not having spoken to him more. I was a little shy. He was after all, the writer of a good number of Australian classic plays on my book shelf. If you are unfamiliar with his plays and musicals, you’ll probably know him as the writer of the Boy from Oz and the screenplay for Lorenzo’s Oil. According to the many people and friends who knew him, I needn’t have been so awed.

Nick Enright inspired a generation of theatre makers which is no exaggeration. And I just keep meeting artists who owe their careers to him. I recently learnt that Yure Covich, who was in our production Savages was originally a builder. He was working on the renovation of Nick Enright’s house. Nick encouraged Yure’s ambitions and soon he was studying at NIDA. 

Darlinghurst Theatre Company is seeking people who were inspired by Nick Enright to share and send in their story. If you have a story, please contact myself at . With your permission, we’ll share the stories online via our website and social media. And we will also be passing them onto the Enright Family to archive.

Our production of A Man with Five Children plays from 3 June and is the third and last of our series of Nick Enright plays supported by the Enright Family. Support that has been generous and has inspired our company to greater heights, in the true spirit of guiding light and mentor Nick Enright.

This is a rare opportunity to see one of Nick Enright’s finest works and his final major play and I am so pleased to have at the helm director and ensemble expert, Anthony Skuse.

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All the best

Executive Producer
Darlinghurst Theatre Company

Posted 10 May 2016

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