Darlinghurst Theatre Company's highlights and achievements in 2017

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Our Highlights & Achievements in 2017

2017 has been an incredible year for Darlinghurst Theatre Company and we would like to share some of our key highlights and achievements.

• Over 31,000 people have been through our doors in 2017 and attended our theatre productions and special events.

• We staged 211 professional performances and employed 81 artists at living wages. Many professional artists resort to performing for little or no pay in order to practice their craft. In 2017 we enacted our Fair Pay for Artists Policy and ensured professional artists were paid award and industry rates.

• Darlinghurst Theatre Company engages directly with our community and invites topical and vital discussion to our stage. This year we hosted forums and events by organisations including The Walkley Foundation, Amnesty International, SJB Architects, UNSW, Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, Australian Graphic Design Association, The Japan Foundation, ACON and Sydney Women’s Fund.  In 2017 we proudly hosted 50 not for profit events.

• In 2017, we were proud to continue our commitment to developing and producing new Australian writing that is bold, passionate and courageous. 50% of our season were world premieres of new Australian plays. 

• Having been the first Australian theatre company to implement a gender parity policy in the employment of all artists, we are thrilled to have achieved 100% Gender Parity throughout our entire season, across all creative roles in our 2017 productions.

•  In 2017, we welcomed 300 drama students who performed on our stage including students from Queensland University of Technology, Federation University, NSW TAFE, Sydney Theatre School, Screenwise and Darlo Drama.

• In 2017, we distributed 800 Share the Love theatre tickets to young people, adults and seniors experiencing financial hardship.

DTC's Personal Highlights

At Darlinghurst Theatre Company we are passionate about telling stories that are inclusive, courageous, fearless and innovative. Here is some of the personal highlights from our Creative Producers.

"Top of the list and certainly a highlight for me in 2017 was working with the Darlinghurst Theatre Company team. They are so passionate and creative and they do work tirelessly.  I am very proud of them and so grateful for their dedication. They are very much on board for what our company stands for and I feel very fortunate to be working with such a wonderful group of people."
Glenn Terry, CEO & Creative Producer

"2017 has been a momentous year for the LGBTQIA+ community and I feel privileged to be a part of telling our stories on the Sydney stage. As a gay woman, I rarely get to see my own narrative on stage - yet in the production of The Mystery of Love and Sex, we celebrated love with courageous honesty. Our central character Charlotte, played by Contessa Treffone, is a strong woman who isn’t defined by her sexuality but by her intellect and depth. In this play, we are all more than just queer. We are members of a family, coming out to ourselves. It’s wonderful to be a part of an artistic community that has moved beyond the standard ‘coming out’ journey. We now use theatre, the medium of empathy, to give audiences characters of layered humanity and are discovering new ways to celebrate LGBTQIA+ life and culture." 
- Amy Harris, Creative Producer. 

Posted 15 Dec 2017

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