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From Glenn Terry, Artistic Director & CEO

I am very proud to lead Darlinghurst Theatre Company and its wonderful team. We are a professional theatre company with a unique and special model of creating theatre, and place excellence and collaboration at the centre of everything we do. At the very heart of our company is a firm belief that theatre should promote a democracy of ideas. We ensure a broad church of diverse voices are represented on our stage and we develop works with zeitgeist, that explore our lives and challenge the world, forging a direct and powerful connection between artists and audiences.

Most unique is that our company professionally produces and fully resources production concepts proposed and put forward to our company by artists. And we proudly pay our artists at award rates. Each of our productions brings together a new team of outstanding artists, who present their unique artistic vision and perspectives on theatre and life. We offer artists the freedom to stage and tell the stories they want to tell and ensure diverse seasons of innovative, topical and exceptional theatre that connects with audiences and our world.  

Glenn Terry, Artistic Director & CEO


Formed in 2001, Darlinghurst Theatre Company has established itself as a prominent theatre company in Australia, staging over 200 productions and supporting the work more than 1000 professional artists. From 2008 the company worked with the City of Sydney on the design of the Eternity Playhouse a 129 year old heritage listed building. Darlinghurst Theatre Company raised $650,000 for the fit out and in November 2013 opened the Eternity Playhouse. The larger and more prominent venue has allowed Darlinghurst Theatre Company to develop an exemplary theatre production house.

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Darlinghurst Theatre Company is supported through City of Sydney's Accommodation Grant Program and the NSW Government, through Arts NSW.

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