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PRODUCTION: The Man In the Attic (Jul 5-22)

The Man In the Attic by Timothy Daly
Directed by Moria Blumenthal

Supported by Darlinghurst Theatre Company

Today’s ‘fake news’ and ‘post-truth’ have nothing on the lies of the past, when deception and betrayal were used as currency to further one’s fortune.

The Man In The Attic is the incredible, true story of a Jew who is hidden by a German couple during the Holocaust but, when the War ends, is led to believe that the War has been won — by the Nazis. Locked inside their attic for his ‘protection’, the couple continues to profit from his captivity. But as the husband overplays his hand and the wife becomes trapped in a conflict between greed and humanity, the Jew begins to realise that something has changed…

Based on facts uncovered by internationally-acclaimed playwright, Timothy Daly, The Man In The Attic won the prestigious Patrick White Award and continues to play sold-out seasons in France.

Shalom and Moira Blumenthal Productions are thrilled to open ticket sales for the Australian premiere. 

SEASON: 5 - 22 July, 2018

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