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PERFORMANCE: The Spectator (14-22 Sep)

The Spectator By Matei Visniec
Directed by Ali Shadkami | Produced by Charsoo Theatre, a community theatre group. 

Supported by Darlinghurst Theatre Company
14 - 22 September, 2018

Charsoo Theatre presents Matei Visniec's hilariously insightful and interactive play
'The Spectator'  directed by Ali Shadkami.

Matei Visniec is a contemporary Romanian-French playwright who has created a parody of justice in this play with the use of an unexpected character: The Spectator.

"All the world's a stage" it's a well-known quote by William Shakespeare. 'The Spectator' is a parody of theatre and a parody of the world. Everything is confused, actors, author, director, spectators, judges, accused, the accuser, defender, and witnesses. The whole world is a vast tribunal where each one tries to erase the presence of the other, and thus to erase their own presence; This theatrical performance is an absolute catharsis, it is a challenge to represent beings who do everything to purge themselves not only of the evil contained in them but also of their own existence.

Matei Visniec wrote the piece in Romania under the regime of Nicolae Ceausescu. However, it was not premiered until one and a half years after the death of the Romanian dictator in 1991.

So far, the play has been translated into German, Polish, Japanese and Persian. This performance will be in the Persian language based on a translation by Tinoush Nazmjou. English surtitles will run along the performance.

Charsoo Theatre Group is a community group founded in Sydney in 2016 by a group of Iranian migrants with various backgrounds and professions, to show their passion for theatre, share their experience as migrants through theatre and indeed to learn, empower and create. They are dedicated to producing quality performances from Persian as well as international playwrights. Charsoo Theatre provides a diverse cultural experience for Australians and immigrants both for members of the team and for audiences. Charsoo Theatre Group is not only for people with diversity who love to have a unique experience of a performance in their mother tongue in Sydney but also it is for Australians who are passionate about different cultures. This unique experience is rarely availble to the majority of Australians.


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