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2019 Season Submissions


Creative Producers | From artist concept to major production

Submissions for Darlinghurst Theatre Company's 2019 Season are now open.

We are the Creative Producers, realising and producing professional artists’ concepts for our stage.

Darlinghurst Theatre Company is unique in Australia. We are the only theatre company working under an artist-submissions model that produces and fully funds all our artists’ work including paying artists a living wage.

We explore the diversity and complexity of our lives through theatre. We value freedom of expression, the discussion of ideas, different points of views and dialogue. We seek out work and provocations that explore, discuss and engage with contemporary Australia and topical issues. It is this ‘democracy of ideas’ that drives Darlinghurst Theatre Company to remain current and responsive to our world by engaging with artists and their work.

Darlinghurst Theatre Company is currently taking submissions for 6 main-stage productions as part of our 2019 Season. The productions that we produce will be presented in our 200 seat theatre.

The types of work Darlinghurst Theatre Company produces are:

  • New Australian plays (a priority)
  • New international plays (a priority)
  • ‚ÄčInnovative versions of classic plays
  • Innovative versions of modern classic plays
  • Innovative musicals

Professional theatre artists including: directors, playwrights, performers and creatives.
NB: Selected artists will need to make themselves Sydney-based during production.

All projects considered for production must display a significant level of creativity and expertise in line with the company’s core values of:

  • Innovation: a project must demonstrate a level of innovation within the chosen genre that it is working in.
  • Adventure and courage: productions are at some level, taking a risk; either artistically and/or by inviting discourse about theatre, humanity and our lives.
  • Excellence: the artists are professionals and are experts in their field, and aspire to achieve excellent results.

Diversity and Equal Opportunity
We are seeking works in our 2019 season that reflect Australia’s diversity. As well as diverse stories, we encourage professional artists from culturally diverse backgrounds, of different ages, physical ability, gender and sexual orientation to submit proposals.

Gender Parity Policy
Our company has a gender parity policy in the employment of all artists across our 2019 season, including; directors, playwrights, performers and creatives. 

Closing date: 25 March 2018.

Download 2019 Season submission guidelines here

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